Rights and Duties of Landlords of Apartments

There are many kinds of duties that landlord has to fulfill whereas he also owes different kinds of rights that enable him to enjoy the ownership in a good way. Many kinds of landlords are well aware of their rights, but they do not know to provide the facilities to the tenants. This is the sad truth, but it is going on at the man of the apartment complexes in different states. The residents have to keep quiet to have an affordable residence and them ace the poor attitudes of their landlords. But law helps these kinds of tenants to get their rights as apartment residents. The landlord has more responsibility of facilitating their residents than their enjoyment of ownership at the apartment dwellers.

Landlords are the owner of apartments not of the apartment residents. Therefore, there should be a balanced kind of relationship among both parties in which they both should keep care of facilitating each other and fulfilling their responsibilities in a good way. Otherwise, there are many terms and conditions in the law that supports both parties respectively. It is the right of the landlord to receive the rent at the due date without any excuse. There are many tenants that make waste kind of excuses to delay the payment of rent owing to some of their work. But it is not the headache of the landlord. He needs to receive the payment. However, with mutual understanding, or some leniency from the landlord the tenants can delay rent.

But in other case it is the right of the landlord to receive rent at the due date. In case of delay without any genuine excuse he can use warnings, legal notifications, breaking of the lease agreement and can even get the apartment vacant from the tenants as well. It is the right of the landlord to get the deposit fee as a kind of security before tenants can take the charge or keys of the rental apartment. It saves the landlord from a financial loss that he can receive in the form of the maintenance issue from tenants or when the tenants do not pay rent or bills and leave the apartment. So, in such kind of case he can make use of deposit fee and resolve the issue easily.

Talking about duties of landlord we come to know that the most important duty of any landlord is to provide facilities of every possible kind and advertised amenities in any way to the tenants. It is also the responsibility of the landlord to resolve any issue or clash among the residents. In he must ensure the safety and facilitation of tenants because they pay him for that. If a landlord keeps his eyes shut from the facilitation of residents they can teach him a lesson very well. They can legally notify him or complaint the police regarding the issue. It will make him approach the tenants and solve the issue instantly. Otherwise, tenants can stop paying him.